British Champ Info part 1

Information for all riders who have or will qualify for the 2018 British Championships – 5 rounds of the 2018 Regional Series or 3 rounds for a second bike.
Brits Dispensation
Riders who need to request dispensation for the Brits should complete the form  requesting dispensation which is available from their club secretary   – the cut off for receipt of dispensation requests is Monday 6 August.  Please include as much detail as possible and to reiterate – when the completed form is received it will be sent to the regional chair persons group for decision – please be aware that work commitments and holidays are not considered appropriate reasons for dispensation.
Brits Shirts
The sample shirt will be shown at Peterborough and the cut off for shirt orders is also Monday 6 August. A shirt order sheet will be completed by your club – who will also be able to give you price details . Please remember that the new regional shirt must be worn at the Brits for practice and racing. No shirt – No racing.

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