2020 BMX East Region AGM

When – Monday 2nd November @1930
Where- ZOOM
What- Elect a new committee and to plan 2021.

Open to all, please contact Ashley Goulding if you wish to attend or your club rep if you have something to raise but cannot make it.

Please scroll to bottom of this page for reports


1. Apologies for absence.

2. Minutes of 2019 AGM *
3. Matters arising
4. Report from Chair *
5. Finance Report 2019/20 *
6. Election of New Committee
(One vote per member Club – if only one nominee no vote is required)
-Vice Chair
-Lead coach
-Promotions Officer
Election is by nomination in advance. For roles without nominees, these can be filled at the AGM. Each attending club holds one vote.
Nominations for any of these roles to be submitted to the Secretary no later than 7 days before the meeting.
7. Regional Race Series Format – Outline plans only for budget, race fees, costs, processes, Levies
8. Regional Development Coaching Report *
9. Any other business
10. Date of Next Committee Meeting:
items marked * will be pre written and added to the website in advance to allow any questions to be prepared in advance

Click Here for AGM Minutes

Click here for Commissaires Report

Click here for Coaching Report

Click here for Accounts Report

Click here for Chairmans Report