Each club in the Region has access to accredited Level 2 BMX coaches and run club based coaching sessions tailored to each club’s specific needs whilst all being based around the British Cycling Coaching Pathway which could take riders right up to Olympic level.

The first step on the pathway in our region is the BMX East Talent Development Centre and if you have ever wondered what a BMX East talent development centre session is? Who is eligible to sign up? What you need to do? Who runs it? Where is it? Then check out the video by the regions Lead Coach for a full review of how riders can get involved with the programme and become the best rider they aspire to be.

We have put together another video showing how to set up your skills for filming and submission to the Lead Coach – if you are interested talk to you Club Coach to assist you . We hope it helps you get the best from your efforts and to take ownership of your skill development.